Tortillas Nagual

About us

Our story.

We are Àngels Secanella and Ramón Andara. In 2003 we decided to turn the tables on a situation of unemployment and undertake a project that had begun long ago as a dream: producing the authentic 100% corn tortilla for Europe.

Thus was born Nagual, a brand of corn tortillas that promotes creative, varied and healthy gastronomic experiences.

What does Nagual mean?

According to shamanic tradition, the Nagual is our inner warrior, the power animal to which we are linked.


Our Nagual accompanies us day by day in this business adventure of constant growth and transformation and gives us the power to face new challenges.

Together we turn the tables


We want the corn tortilla to be one more ingredient in the daily life of Mediterranean cuisine and to become a good alternative to foods such as bread.


For this we have adapted to the European palate the traditional elaboration of the corn tortilla, betting on quality, social commitment, work-life balance, and renewable energy.


In each of our new products we try to convey the desire to turn food around with informal, social and colorful proposals, to combine healthy with vibrant and to turn cooking into a fun and imaginative act.

Our team

Our greatest value: a committed human team, involved in the project and in constant training.

We work hard! But we all do intensive hours in flexible days between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Our staggered hours allow people in the company to have 20 minutes to eat without the factory shutting down. For us, conciliation is essential to create a happier world.

We take care of the environment

At Nagual we work every day to reduce our CO2 footprint. Last year, we installed solar panels on the roof of the warehouse in order to consume electricity using renewable energy.

solar panels


The constant commitment to quality has allowed us to be certified with the most demanding quality and food safety standard, IFS Food.

In addition, our products have the European ELS Gluten Free seal, the V-Label Vegan seal, the Nagual Guarantee Without Allergens and without GMOs and the European ecological seal.



We have specialized in a single ingredient because we like to know all its nuances.


We are inspired by the traditional process of making corn tortillas, we have reduced the use of preservatives to a minimum and we work with local suppliers, all to provide authentic gastronomic experiences both at home and in restaurants. When you open a package of Nagual tortillas and smell them, you will understand what we mean.